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Location, the most valuable asset when it comes to the purchase of a condo unit in a jungle of opportunities. ONE Condos are directly located in the middle of … literally everything! The subway system, located only 1 minute away, offers the flexibility to access a variety of attractions all over the city. Having a car? No problem! The highway entrance leading to every highways is only 2-3 minutes away from ONE Condos.


Old port

Credit Marc-Olivier Jodoin, Unsplash*


Discover the greatest European style living in North America, only 2 minutes away from your place! Home of some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, Old Montreal is a select destination for culinary experiences. Try one of the few world’s floating spa, visit the museums or go for a ride on one of the biggest urban big wheel on earth. Old port is one of Montreal’s biggest attractions.


Mount Royal

Credit Siz Islam, Unsplash*


One of Montreal’s most iconic point of view is located 10 minutes away from ONE Condos. Take a little hike on the Mount Royal mountain to reach the Mount Royal Observatory as illustrated on the image above. This mountain/park is recognized as one of the biggest urban parks on earth, next to New York Central Park. Montrealers reunite for skiing session during the winter and participate in various activities at Lac-Au-Castor, located on the top of the mountain.


Quartier des spectacles/Place des Arts

Credit Simona Sergi, Unsplash*


Quartier des Spectacles offers a huge variety of concerts, comedy shows and summer/winter outdoor events such as IglooFest and Francophonie. Experience and discover museums welcoming world’s most iconic expositions at Place des Arts. This district will fulfill your cultural needs in the metropolitan area.



Credit Sebastien Cordat, Unsplash*


Home of Montreal Canadiens, Bell Centre is where Montrealers reunite to watch a game of our favorite hockey team. Bell Centre is the world’s biggest hockey stadium in the most iconic hockey city on the globe, attending a game is something anyone has to experience at least once in their life. Soccer fan? Saputo Stadium is hosting Montreal’s Impact soccer team games. Being part of the MLS, Montreal’s Impact plays against North America’s best soccer teams.


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