In the middle of … everything!

Location, the most valuable asset when it comes to the purchase of a condo unit in a jungle of opportunities. ONE Condos are directly located in the middle of … literally everything! The subway system, located only 1 minute away, offers the flexibility to access a variety of attractions all over the city. Having a […]

History has been made here!

The corner of Viger Avenue and Saint-Laurent Boulevard has a precious history for the city of Montreal and North America by hosting the first movie projection in the Robillard building.   Hosting the first movie projection   Montreal, June 27 1896 the French Louis Minier, concessionaire of the famous Lumière brothers host the first movie […]

We reached the ground floor!

ONE Condos team is happy to announce that the project has finally reached the ground floor! We are really excited by redefining the entrance of this cultural and select area of the city. Next to the Old Port/Old Montreal, Quartier des Spectacles & Place des Arts, Chinatown and Downtown. ONE Viger is the absolute destination […]